COVID-19 Vaccines

Developments on the COVID-19 Vaccine front, and a review of myths and fake news about the vaccination.

Vaccines | Morocco

Developments on the COVID-19 Vaccine front in Morocco.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine ordered by Morocco is 70% effective

November 23, 2020 – Good news for Morocco, which has placed an order to acquire the vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. The Anglo-Swedish drug manufacturer, which collaborates with Oxford University in Britain, announced on Monday that its coronavirus vaccine is 70% effective.

Anti-COVID-19 vaccine, instructions for use for Moroccans

December 03, 2020 – Preparations for the vast vaccination operation are well underway. The Ministry of Health and its partners are working to put in place the necessary measures before the white coats are deployed and the appropriate logistics are put in place to meet the challenges of this unprecedented campaign, the success of which depends, to a large extent, on the cooperation of the population.