The Pearl – A radio drama about COVID-19

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The Pearl is a weekly radio drama based on sharing ideas and guidance on COVID-19. The Pearl is produced by Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) gGmbH, in collaboration with East African Radio Service (EARS) Ltd. The Pearl, part of the Corona Radio Uganda (CORA) project, is realised with financial support from Fondation Hirondelle.

Every week we will publish the radio dramas here for your convenience. You can listen directly on this page, by clicking on the play button on each episode.

Episode 11

As the COVID-19 pandemic rewrites the rules of political campaigning, Tom’s hope to win the support of the electorate to remain in office dwindles. Against the advice of his campaign manager and with little funds available, he decides to rally his supporters – an ignorant decision he comes to regret.

Episode 10

Amidst much uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some couples remain certain of one thing – they want to get married anyway. Cate’s wedding planning is in full swing, but COVID-19 safety measures put her at loggerheads with her dad, who fears for his reputation.

Episode 09

Sexual and gender-based violence is a hidden consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Susan has to spend more time at home due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions, she falls victim to abuse by one of the very persons supposed to protect her. She gathers all her courage and seeks support.

Episode 08

Not only is Brenda stuck at home, but her mom also lost her income due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The resulting high levels of anxiety and tension at home have severe consequences for Brenda. However, there is one ray of hope.

Episode 07

As street vendors feel the squeeze under strict COVID-19 measures, Monica isn’t able to sell her farm’s produce. Her income has diminished, leaving her pondering how to make ends meet.

Episode 06

Dr Hope is working passionately and diligently on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Basil, her husband, sees how hard she works on this critical mission, yet his selfish interests jeopardise Dr Hope’s efforts.

Episode 05

Martha’s life is in shambles. She and her son David had to seek refuge in Uganda. When things just brightened up a bit, the COVID-19 pandemic hit her little business hard. With her income dwindling, challenges abound.

Episode 04

Dan doesn’t care much about COVID-19. He believes only “weak people” get the disease. Ignoring the guidelines, he refuses to wear a mask, putting himself, his family and his boda boda colleagues at great risk.

Episode 03

Susan is excited – finally, she can go back to school. But trouble awaits her and her friends, as they take some important guidelines far too lightly, putting themselves and other students at risk.

Episode 02

Mary hasn’t been with her boyfriend Joseph for weeks. She misses him terribly, but faces an agonising dilemma putting the couple’s love relationship to test.

Episode 01

After recovering from the Coronavirus disease, Joana is released from hospital and returns home. But, her ordeal isn’t over yet, as she faces another torment.