Morocco update: Classification of countries according to epidemiological prevalence

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Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

Roll over the map or enter the name of the country in the search box to find out its epidemiological prevalence classification.

New conditions of access to Morocco: List C of prohibited countries and PCR test for 6-11 year olds

The Ministry of Health and Social Prevention has updated the health provisions for international travel.

I. Common measures

  • Passenger health form, to be downloaded online before boarding (also distributed on board the aircraft or ship), duly completed, including the passenger’s address and two telephone numbers enabling him or her to be located, if necessary, during the 10 days following arrival on national territory;
  • Double temperature control, systematically on arrival;
  • Random control by rapid antigenic test on arrival;
  • Compliance with the measures in force in Morocco: wearing a mask, physical distancing and hand hygiene.

II. List A countries

A certificate attesting that the person is fully vaccinated against SARSCoV-2.

III. List B countries

A certificate stating that the person is fully vaccinated against SARSCoV-2;


Negative PCR test result within 48 hours (time between collection and embarkation).

IV. List C countries

Prohibition of access to the national territory, for travellers coming from these countries, directly or even by transiting through another country.

V. In case of a positive rapid antigenic test on arrival

Moroccans and foreigners residing in Morocco will be taken care of by a health structure, with confinement for 10 days, according to the protocol in force;

Any other passenger who tests positive on arrival will not be allowed to enter the national territory.

The Ministry also specifies that :

o The above conditions of access are applied to all persons aged 12 years and over;

o Children aged between 6 and 11 years old must be PCR negative, regardless of the country of origin;

o Children under 6 years of age are exempt from any access requirements.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.