July 16 – 21, 2020 | Press Review

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July 21, 2020: 700 million dollars in international aid in 2020

The international aid package for Tunisia to combat COVID-19 will reach $700 million by 2020. This is what the World Bank (WB) has indicated. This aid to fight against COVID-19 includes contributions from several international financial institutions, the same source added. Last June, the WB approved a financing operation in support of development policies. This operation amounted to $175 million. To help Tunisia cope with the effects of the pandemic. In the MENA region, the WB’s project portfolio amounts to 20 billion dollars. It covers a wide range of sectors. Such as agriculture, energy, education, environment, health, social protection, trade and transport. “The severe human and economic losses inflicted by the COVID-19, combined with the historic fall in world oil prices, against a backdrop of fragility and conflict in several countries, are jeopardizing many of the hard-won development gains achieved in the region in recent years”. This was announced by Ferid Belhaj, WB Vice President for the MENA region. He also spoke of the need for the WB to play an indispensable role. To support social and economic development. While paying particular attention to youth and human capital. And to promote regional and global stability. “We are resolutely committed to continuing our mission: to respond quickly and vigorously to requests for emergency assistance from countries, and to pursue our medium and long-term efforts. This will enable the MENA region to deliver on its promises in the years to come,” he concluded.

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July 20, 2020: Sousse: Preventive measures taken to stop the spread of covid in Sidi Bouali

The regional committee for disaster control and prevention in Sousse met yesterday, Sunday, in the presence of Nissaf Ben Alaya, representative of the Minister of Health, to decide on measures to be taken in the locality of Sidi Bouali to stop the spread of local cases of Covid, especially after the registration of three contaminations in a factory in the locality.

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July 20, 2020: Possible return to mandatory confinement for individuals coming from abroad

Dr. Jalila Ben Khalil announced on Tuesday that the growing number of Covid+ cases, recorded every day, should attract attention. The situation is becoming serious and everyone should strictly comply with all the measures of the health protocol established by the Ministry of Health. Dr. Ben Khalil assured that if the increase in these new imported cases persists, there would be talk of returning to the mandatory containment system for individuals coming from abroad.

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July 20, 2020: COVID-19 Crisis: The Tunisian Order of Engineers wants to be associated with the search for solutions

The Tunisian Order of Engineers (ILO) calls on the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, to involve him in identifying solutions that can save the country from the risks that threaten it and, consequently, overcome the deep economic and social crisis. The Order urges the Head of State to appeal to the political components with the help of national organisations and professional bodies to work within the framework of all that would unite Tunisians to overcome this crisis, according to an ILO communiqué issued on Saturday 18 July, after its Council meeting. It also recommends to the various political parties to ensure that the national interest prevails and to adopt the language of reason and constructive dialogue. The ILO also calls on national organizations and professional structures to join the national effort to identify the necessary solutions and to take action to create a favourable climate to help the country meet its economic and social challenges, in response to the demands of the people and to protect the country from the dangers that threaten it. He stressed the need for all the nation’s partners to assume their historical responsibilities, especially after the unprecedented economic and social crisis at all levels, due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the political stagnation and lack of trust between the different political components, to the point of threatening the State entity and its independence.

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July 19, 2020: An evacuation operation is scheduled for July 22, 2020 (Tunisian Embassy in Algeria)

The Tunisian embassy in Algeria announced Sunday that an evacuation operation of Tunisians and Algerians married to Tunisians and residents in Tunisia will be carried out on July 22, 2020 at 07:00 am through the Oum Touboul border crossing. The embassy has called on those wishing to benefit from this evacuation operation, to book in a hotel, according to the list mentioned on its official facebook page, and to send a copy of confirmation of reservation, passports and residence permit in Tunisia, through the email address: ambtnijlaa2020@gmail.com. One of the parents will be exempted from applying an obligatory quarantine if he accompanied children under 12 years old, but with obligation to respect self-confinement, the embassy said. An application is available on the facebook page of the embassy to facilitate the completion of the necessary procedures, the same source said. The President of the Republic Kaies Saied, gave his directives to Foreign Minister Noureddine Ray, to ensure the return of Tunisians stranded in Algeria, according to a statement from the presidency of the Republic. Tunisia had taken rigorous sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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July 19, 2020: What agriculture in Tunisia after the coronavirus crisis?

After the announcement of an embargo by major producing countries on their wheat and rice, we live the spectre of hunger that threatens political and social stability in the world. To face this threat, we need a development plan based on protecting the national economy, the creation of a fund to revitalize investment and create jobs, and support for production systems in order to reduce the trade deficit. In this third and final article, we will discuss other aspects of this plan: the management of forest bio-resources and water resources.

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July 18, 2020: Coronavirus: US Donation to the Military Hospital of Tunis

The military hospital in Tunis has received a donation from the United States consisting of personal protective equipment against coronavirus, medical suits, gloves and disinfection products. According to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense relayed by the TAP agency, the United States welcomed the efforts made by Tunisia in the fight against COVID-19, citing in particular the contribution of Military Health in support of the national effort. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Director General of Military Health, the Director General of the Tunis Military Hospital and representatives of the US diplomatic mission accredited to Tunis.

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July 17, 2020: Another COVID-19 related death?

A woman died recently in the governorate of Kef. She is believed to be infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to initial reports from Mosaïque Fm, the deceased was tested last Wednesday after showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The results have not yet been published.
It should be noted that the deceased recently returned to Tunisia.
We will return to this information in more detail.
It should also be noted that the death toll caused by COVID-19 that has been reported by the Tunisian authorities since last March is 50. No new cases of deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported for several weeks.

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July 16, 2020: COVID-19 RT-PCR Test at the Institut Pasteur of Tunis: What you need to know

The Institut Pasteur of Tunis has just published a press release containing important information for those who come to perform the COVID-19 RT-PCR test in Tunis. Here is its full content:
“Wearing a mask is mandatory for anyone who comes to be tested, as well as the respect of the distancing rules.
RT-PCR test for travellers leaving Tunisia
After specifying, on the platform, your destination and the date of your departure, you will be given an appointment date (72 hours before your trip).
Other COVID-19 RT-PCR tests outside of confined spaces
Check the “Other” box to get an appointment date. The sample can only be taken with a medical prescription.
RT-PCR test for persons in confinement (after day 6)
The Pasteur Institute of Tunis does not take people in confinement.
It is also forbidden for IPT staff to take samples from persons who leave their confinement to be tested. Under no circumstances may these persons leave their place of confinement to be tested.
To be tested, please contact the Regional Health Directorate responsible for the place of confinement.
People with symptoms related to COVID-19 cannot be tested and are advised to go to hospital or call the SAMU (190)”.

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