July 01, 2020 | Press Review

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July 01, 2020: Security Council Adopts Tunisian-French Initiative to Combat COVID-19

The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved, on Wednesday 1 July 2020, the resolution submitted by Tunisia and France concerning the fight against the “COVID-19” Corona pandemic. This decision comes after long negotiations that have lasted more than four months since its presentation last March in its Tunisian formula to the members of the Council. The resolution stipulates the cessation of armed conflict for a specific period and calls on the various parties concerned to observe a humanitarian truce to allow the necessary aid to be delivered. It also confirms that situations of violence and instability resulting from such conflicts can lead to the spread of the epidemic and prevent the ability to contain its effects. Furthermore, the failure to contain the pandemic will, on the other hand, have serious repercussions on international peace and security.

The resolution also requires that peacekeeping operations be authorized to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in various conflict areas. As a reminder, the Tunisian project has been welcomed by the Security Council since its proposal by President Kaïs Saïed of the Republic, as well as during a series of consultations and contacts that it has had with a number of heads of brotherly and friendly countries on the Tunisian project, which France subsequently joined to become a Tunisian-French project.

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July 01, 2020: Is Tunisia among the top 10 countries in its fight against COVID-19?

Moez Hammami CEO Quantylix evaluated this morning the effectiveness of Tunisia in its fight against the spread of COVID-19 in Tunisia. Hammami wanted to return first to the evaluation of the confrontation of the first wave before addressing the possibility of a second wave. The analyst then referred to the statements of the Head of Government who had announced Tunisia’s victory over the Coronavirus, and even indicated that Tunisia was placed among the first countries to successfully confront the epidemic and even in second place. However, the CEO of Quantylix explained that if we consider any metric, Tunisia would not be placed in the top ten of the best countries in the fight against the virus. He added at best we can say, and with pride, that we are among the 25% of the best countries in the world in the fight against the coronavirus.

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July 01, 2020: Tunisia schedules 16 repatriation flights for Tunisians

Tunisia has scheduled 16 flights for the repatriation of Tunisian nationals residing in countries not classified in the Green and Orange Zones. Respectively low and medium spread coronavirus. For the period from 1 July to 14 July 2020. According to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.
Indeed, the program of repatriation flights concerns 13 destinations. These are :
-Moscow (Russia);
-Brussels (Belgium);
-Abidjan /Cotonou;
-Doha (Qatar);
-Dubai(United Arab Emirates);
-London (United Kingdom);
-Sharjah(United Arab Emirates);
-Istanbul (Turkey);
-Muscat (Sultanate of Oman);
-Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

In addition, it is mandatory for every traveller to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test carried out 72 hours prior to check-in at an airport in these countries . And this, before boarding. And not exceeding 120 hours, on arrival in Tunisia. Moreover, “travellers are required to commit to a mandatory confinement of 7 days in a hotel at their expense and must fill out a health data form before leaving the airport”. Specified the same source.

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