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Authorization to circulate

Tunis, 25 March, 2020
The Tunisian Republic
Ministry of Health


Subject: about the adoption of a model of the exceptional authorisation of movement for professional reasons.
Attachments: Example of authorisation

In the context of facilitating the movement of various health workers and managers to reach their work centres in the best possible conditions, within the framework of compliance with the provisions in force on public quarantine and prohibition of movement, all the central services of the Ministry, regional health directors, directors general and directors of various types of health establishments and structures are invited to adopt The form accompanying the mobility licence to work as an exception has been prepared for the purpose of The form accompanying the mobility licence to work as an exception has been prepared for the purpose of In the interests of the Prime Minister.

For the Minister of Health
The Department of Health
Director General of Common Interests
Signature: Murad Hazzy

The Tunisian Republic
Ministry ….

Exceptional permission to move for professional reasons
(Government Ordinance No. 156 of 2020 of 22 March 2020 on the control of the basic needs and requirements to ensure the continuity of vital facilities in the application of comprehensive quarantine procedures)

I, the undersigned (surname and forename) … (employment) … in order to ensure minimum basic benefits in the places of work and in accordance with the principle of continuity of public services.

authorise Mr/Mrs …
Holder of national identity card number: … and the correct exemption number: ….
The plan: …
The structure: …
The interest:

To move between:
his residence at the address: …
his place of work at: …
on a daily basis
during the period from … to …

Written in… on…
Signature and stamp

This authorisation is issued to the person concerned for use if necessary.

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