May 23, 2020

Free distribution of masks to the citizens of Laghouat and Illizi

In the wilaya of Laghouat, a batch of 122,000 masks were given, free of charge, to citizens of the various communes of the wilaya, of which 22,000 were made locally and the rest received from the central pharmacy (Biskra branch), said the wali of Laghouat, Abdelkader Bradai. A similar action has been launched  in the wilaya of Illizi through the delivery of 12,000 masks to citizens and merchants.

The operation was carried out in coordination with the sectors of trade, environment, civil protection, with the participation of the civil society organisations NGOs and  Algerian Crescent (CRA) and the Algerian Muslim Scouts (SMA) who were in charge of raising awareness and popularizing the scope of this initiative in their fight against the spread of COVID-19.

For more information (in French), please consult the following link.

The executive decree making the wearing of protective masks compulsory published in the OJ

Thus, article 13 bis of the Decree states: “The wearing of a protective mask (…) is also considered a compulsory preventive measure (…) which must be worn by all persons and in all circumstances, on public roads and in public places, in workplaces and in all open or closed spaces open to the public, in particular public institutions and administrations, public services, establishments providing services and places of commerce”.

For more information (in French), please consult the following link.