May 10, 2020

Mandatory wearing of masks for owners of commercial premises and their employees

The wearing of masks is henceforth compulsory for owners and employees of commercial premises authorized to carry out their activities, said Sunday a statement of the services of the wilaya of Algiers.

“Any violation of this measure will lead to the administrative closure of the premises and spaces concerned,” the same services said.

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Exceptional measures for the supply of pharmaceutical products and medical devices

Measures to facilitate the supply of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, detection equipment and accessories and spare parts for such equipment to the national market in response to the VIDOC-19 pandemic were set out in an Executive Decree published in the Official Gazette (N 27). “Non-authorized operators may, exceptionally, be authorized by the competent services of the Ministry of Health to carry out import operations of medical devices and detection equipment intended for gratis donations, stipulates Article 3”.

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ANSEJ officially placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Micro-Enterprise

The National Agency to Support Youth Employment (ANSEJ), formerly under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, is officially placed under the Ministry of Micro-Enterprise, Start-ups and the Knowledge Economy by virtue of an executive decree published in the last official gazette (N 27). According to Article 2 of the decree, the name ‘Minister for Labour and Employment’ is replaced by ‘Minister for Micro-enterprise, Start-ups and the Knowledge Economy’ in all the provisions of the Executive Decree of 8 September 1996, as amended and supplemented, establishing and laying down the statutes of the national agency to support youth employment.

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Broadband Internet: launch of an operation to generalise FTTH in Algiers

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Brahim Boumzar, on Saturday evening kicked off a pilot operation for the generalization of the FTTH (fibre to home) technology in the wilaya of Algiers aiming at ensuring a stable and quality internet flow, “We have effectively launched the project of modernization of the TDM network (technology using copper wire) in the wilaya of Algiers, which is aging and obsolete. It is a pilot operation which consists in replacing the copper wire network with FTTH technology, thus guaranteeing a real throughput of up to 100 Megas,” APS M. said to the APS M. Boumzar at the end of the ceremony to launch the work to deploy optical fibre at the level of Larbi Ben M’Hidi street.

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