May 01, 2020

Implementation of the national quarantine strategy targeted at the regular meeting of the National Coronavirus Authority

Prime Minister Elias Al-Fakhfakh confirmed at the beginning of the regular meeting of the National Corona Virus Control Authority today, Friday, May 1, 2020, in the Carthage Guest House, the need to address the final preparations to enter the directed quarantine stage with what it requires from the implementation of the procedures within the framework of the national strategy of directed quarantine after its Year Opinion.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to make every effort and intensify coordination efforts over the next two days to ensure the availability of all interfering systems against transfers and licensing platforms and to clarify measures for the institutions and individuals concerned.

In addition to the latest indicators on the manufacture and distribution of gags and the availability of individual and collective means of protection in the quantities required at each stage.
The members of the commission also examined various proposals and comments received from the structures and interests concerned in order to deepen the evaluation and audit procedures.

Incidentally, the Prime Minister stressed that the priority of the various phases of the plan remains the control of the spread of the epidemic, in the face of the Corona pandemic, and the full commitment of institutions and individuals in the manual of health measures for the success of the first stage of the national strategy for the quarantine of trafficking up to the stage of the gradual return to economic and social life.

In this context, it recommended flexibility in organizational and administrative measures during the first days of the targeted stone in order to facilitate and simplify procedures for citizens and institutions involved in the directed stone without tolerating any violation of sanitary and preventive measures.

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