March 22, 2020: Press release from several Moroccan associations and migrants in Morocco

A collective of organizations and associations located in several cities in Morocco, notably the Beni-Znassen Association for Development and Culture-Oujda, the Association of Senegalese from Eastern Morocco, the Sakia-al-Hamra Association for Migration and Development-Laayoune, the Democratic Organization of Immigrant Workers in Morocco (Odt-I)-Rabat-Casablanca, The Migrants-Rabat Committee and the Association rencontre Méditerranéen for migration et developpement expressed their concern for non-Moroccan nationals, in particular migrants and refugees, who find themselves in a situation of distress and vulnerability to the spread of the Corona virus and the period of compulsory confinement. The 6 associations asked the government to take several initiatives against migrants in this difficult situation. They asked for:

1.The translation of official communiqués and all necessary documents during this period;
2.The inclusion of these populations in the measures that will be taken shortly to help the informal sector, in addition to the government offering food aid and facilities or deferral of payments of monthly charges (electricity and water, internet and rent) for this population that has been left without income;
3. A clear announcement for the automatic extension of the residence permits until the end of the confinement period;
4. Assistance for people in precarious situations, such as migrants and the homeless and unaccompanied minors, who are particularly vulnerable to the pandemic, as well as those living in substandard housing or camps by providing them with access to health services, humanitarian aid and temporary housing opportunities, in better conditions;
5. Access to health care and health services without discrimination for people with or without residence permits in public hospitals and health centres and ensuring access to information in public hospitals (translation, accompaniment and follow-up).

See the press release here.