July 20, 2020

Sousse: Preventive measures taken to stop the spread of covid in Sidi Bouali

The regional committee for disaster control and prevention in Sousse met yesterday, Sunday, in the presence of Nissaf Ben Alaya, representative of the Minister of Health, to decide on measures to be taken in the locality of Sidi Bouali to stop the spread of local cases of Covid, especially after the registration of three contaminations in a factory in the locality.

The main recommendations of this commission were
– Reminder of the obligation to wear a protective mask.
– Coffee shops will have to serve drinks in cups and prohibition to serve Chicha.
– Strict observance of the rules of distancing, especially in common areas and establishments.
– Provide sufficient quantities of protective means such as hydroalcoholic gel and masks.
– Closure and disinfection of the premises of a factory that has had three cases of Covid+ to date. Self-containment of its personnel.
– Provision of a large number of virological tests to detect the maximum number of individuals in the locality.

For more information (in French), please visit the following link.