February 26, 2020

Yusuf Al-Shahid, the Prime Minister, this morning 26 February 2020, oversaw a small cabinet dedicated to reviewing all measures taken to prevent the emergence of the coronavirus.

The Council was briefed on the virus prevention strategy by the Acting Minister of Health, Dr Sunni Bin Al-Sheikh, who confirmed that our country has not yet registered any cases of this virus and that the interests of the Ministry of Health are closely monitoring the epidemiological situation at the national and global levels through the National Committee of the Continent. The new Corona virus, which includes representatives of the concerned ministries and professional organizations, and the WHO office in Tunis.

The Acting Minister of Health said that to prevent the virus from entering and spreading in our country, a national strategy for surveillance and prevention of the new Corona virus has been developed. This strategy is based on several axes, the most important of which is to tighten control at land, sea and air passages, prevention and health education, to strengthen the state of preparedness and preparations at the level of public and private health structures and monitoring For the epidemiological situation of this virus in the world in coordination with our embassies abroad.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to strengthen the procedures and measures needed to raise the level of vigilance, stewardship and rapid response in various parts of the Republic. He also instructed Governors to follow up on the immediate implementation of measures established at the level of their organs and activate regional committees to prevent and respond to disasters and organize relief, calling for closer coordination among all government agencies. In order to deal with this virus and to ensure that it is ready to deal with all developments.

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