February 03, 2020

10 Tunisian citizens residing in the Chinese province of Wuhan were evacuated in coordination with the Algerian authorities, who allocated a military aircraft for this purpose.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens residing in the Chinese province of Wuhan and the embodiment of what was announced by the President of the Republic, Monday, February 3, 2020, 10 Tunisian citizens were evacuated in coordination with the Algerian authorities who allocated a military plane for this purpose, while providing them with the necessary health care before departure and throughout the flight.

The Tunisian citizens were transported directly to the country upon arrival at Algiers airport by a military plane provided by the Tunisian government and were directed to the quarantine centre which was ready to receive them and to be surrounded by specialized health teams throughout the 14-day isolation period, which is an incubation period for La nouvelle Corona disease; note that no suspicious cases have yet emerged among Tunisians residing in the Chinese region around Wuhan.

It should be noted that the public services concerned have taken charge of activating health control measures at border posts and airports and the use of thermal scanners to ensure the safety of travellers arriving on flights to Tunisia, in addition to coordination with the World Health Organization to determine the course of the spread of the virus and the systems for prevention and treatment.

The Tunisian government cannot fail to extend to sister Algeria a president, a government and a people sincerely thanked for this original position and for the facilities provided and for their support to Tunisia in these special circumstances, which reflects the strength of the fraternal and distinguished relations existing between the two brotherly countries.

The Tunisian Government also expresses its total solidarity with the friendly People’s Republic of China at this delicate period it is going through and its conviction that China will succeed in overcoming this crisis, thanks to the important medical, material and human capacities it has put to good use.

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