20 – 23 August, 2020

Reinforcement of restrictive measures in Casablanca, Marrakech and Beni Mellal

On August 20, the government officially announced in a press release the strengthening of security measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in three cities: Casablanca, Beni Mellal and Marrakech, given the deterioration of their epidemiological situation.

The strengthening of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 will be implemented in three cities: Casablanca, Beni Mellal and Marrakech.

At the level of the city of Casablanca :

  • Closure of all the beaches of the city of Casablanca, the beaches of Dar Bouazza and the beach of Paloma in Ain Harrouda.
  • Closing of the hammams on the territory of the city of Casablanca from Friday, August 21 at midnight.
  • Reinforcement of the measures already taken by closing the access to and exit from two districts of the prefecture of Sidi Bernoussi and one district and one douar in Ain sebaa Hay Mohammadi, two streets in Fidae – Mers Sultan, seven districts and avenues of Casablanca-Anfa and three streets in the prefecture of Bni Msik.

The measures taken in these targeted areas also include: the closure of cafés and restaurants, in addition to local shops and large shopping centres at 8 p.m. and the closure of local markets from 4 p.m., in addition to the total closure of hammams and beauty parlours. The broadcasting of football matches is also prohibited.

At the level of the city of Marrakech :

  • Restricted access to 12 districts of the city
  • Intensification of movement control at city level with complete closure of secondary accesses.
  • Cafés, restaurants and shops will be closed at 10 p.m., but no more than 50% of their capacity.
  • Public passenger transport is not allowed to exceed 50% of its capacity.
  • Local markets and souikas (small vegetable markets) will close at 17.00 hours.
  • Closure of green areas and public gardens.

At Beni Mellal : 

  • Restricted access to 6 districts of the city from noon on 21 August.
  • Closing of hammams and beauty salons.
  • Closure of sports halls and sports grounds.
  • Supermarkets will close at 8 pm.
  • Markets will close at 2 pm.
  • Shopping centres, shops, cafés and public spaces (gardens and parks) will close at 6 p.m.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.