18 – 20 October, 2021

Transport, administrations, caf├ęs: The vaccination pass adopted from this Thursday 21 October (Official)

As the number of fully vaccinated people exceeded 21 million on 18 October, the government announced in a press release new measures relating to the fight against the pandemic, with the obligation to present the vaccination pass for various activities.

The government has decided to adopt, from next Thursday, a new preventive approach based on the “vaccine pass” as a document approved by the health authorities, in accordance with the legal provisions relating to the management of the state of health emergency.

“In the framework of the reinforcement of the positive development of the national vaccination campaign, while taking into consideration the progressive decrease in the number of infections by the coronavirus thanks to the measures taken by the public authorities, and in accordance with the recommendations of the scientific and technical committee, the government has decided to adopt, as from Thursday 21 October, a new preventive approach, based on the vaccination pass, as a document approved by the health authorities and this through a series of measures”, the government statement said.

These measures, it says, concern the authorisation of people to travel between prefectures and provinces, using private or public means of transport, on condition that they present only the “vaccination pass”, the adoption of this “pass” as a document for travel abroad and the cancellation of the authorisation to travel issued by the competent local authorities.

Civil servants, employees and users of administrations are also required to provide the “vaccination pass” to access public, semi-public and private administrations, the same source added, indicating that it is necessary to present this “pass” to access hotels and tourist establishments, restaurants, cafes, closed spaces, shops, gyms and hammams.

All those responsible in the public and private sectors must ensure the sound application of all these measures, under their direct legal responsibility,” the statement continued.

Recalling that the other preventive measures already introduced remain in force, the government calls on the non-vaccinated to receive their two doses of vaccine as soon as possible and people who have been vaccinated for more than six months to take the third dose to strengthen their immunity.

In this regard, citizens who have received the two doses of the vaccine should download the “vaccination pass” from the website dedicated to the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on the link “www.liqahcorona.ma”.

They can also request it from the administrative annexes near their place of residence if they are unable to download it from the site, the same source concluded.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.