17 – 19 June, 2020

As of midnight on June 24th, all provinces and prefectures move to zone 1 except Tangier, Asilah, Larache, Kenitra and Marrakech

According to a joint communiqué from the Ministries of the Interior and Health, the authorities announced that as of midnight on 24 June, all provinces or prefectures will be reclassified to include them in Zone 1.

However, the following provinces and prefectures will remain in Zone 2: Tangier, Asilah, Marrakech, Larache and Kenitra.

The other localities will be admitted into Zone 1 as of the date indicated by the authorities.

The press release also announces that the country is moving to stage 2 of the plan to reduce containment, taking into account the evolution of the epidemiological situation.  

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.  

Reinforcement of restrictions in Ouezzane, Larache and Kenitra (Ministery of Interior)

According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, “a strengthening of restrictions in communes in Larache, Ouezzane and Kenitra” will be effective from this Friday. The decision is justified by “the appearance of new outbreaks of contamination in certain industrial units,” the statement said. The ministry of interior directly mentions the industrial units, naming them: Frigodar and Nat Berry Morocco. The first recorded 457 cases and the second 103 cases.

The communication adds that “these communes will be strictly controlled, forbidding its inhabitants to leave their homes, except in cases of force majeure and taking the necessary sanitary precautionary measures”.

As a reminder, according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health, more than 457 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.