10-12 May, 2020 Timelines: Decisions of the Moroccan governement concerning COVID-19 since the beginning of the crisis

Wiqaytna application will be launched soon

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Morocco, the challenge for the Ministry of Health for each confirmed case is to ensure that it has not contaminated its surroundings. The Ministry of Health has been in a race against time to set up a system for monitoring and following up contacts of each recorded case.

A task that is as difficult as it is costly, since it is necessary to identify the patient’s contacts during the last 21 days. This is done with the help of the authorities, to identify them in order to ensure their care and monitoring.

It is in the context of strengthening the system for identifying and tracking contacts of confirmed cases that Morocco, like other countries, has launched the project of an application for notification of exposure to COVID-19.

The development of this application, which is the result of close collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Interior, involved several stakeholders, including ANRT and the ADD, and some 40 people from the public and private sectors.

This was announced today at a joint e press conference of the Ministries of Health and Interior, hosted by Dr Mohamed El Youbi, Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health and Abdelhak Harrak, Governor at the Ministry of Interior in charge of the Information System Directorate.

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COVID-19 Fund – Second phase to support households in the informal sector starts from 14 May:

A second phase aiming to support households in the informal sector that have lost their income due to the state of health emergency will start on Thursday, May 14, in the continuity of the national solidarity momentum in this period of pandemic, announced the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform.

The provisional financial aid provided by the COVID-19 Fund, created on the high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, to support these households has, to date, been paid to 3.9 million households out of 4.3 million eligible, the ministry said in a statement, noting that this operation, which is currently underway in rural and landlocked areas, will end this week and will mobilize an overall budget of nearly 4.2 billion dirhams (MDH).

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COVID-19 – Morocco will start exporting masks abroad

According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy, Hafid Elalamy, Morocco has decided to export some of these masks abroad, after achieving self-sufficiency, with a daily production of 10 million non-woven fabric masks in nearly 23 factories.  And to underline that the ministry has prepared a strategic stock of 50 million fabric masks for the post-confinement. Thus, Morocco decided, Sunday, to launch the process of exporting masks, the minister noted, saying that several countries have expressed the wish to import Moroccan masks, after examining their compliance with health standards.

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