07 – 09 July, 2020

Extension of the state of health emergency until 10 August

The state of health emergency will be extended for another month, according to government spokesman Saaid Amzazi. It will remain in place until August 10.

A government council meeting held July 9 discussed and adopted the decree on the extension of the state of health emergency.

P.S. Difference between the extension of the state of health emergency and the extension of the containment:

The state of health emergency was adopted in Morocco to better manage the pandemic. It consists of a set of rules that include restrictions on freedom of assembly (including restrictions on movement between cities and regions), freedom of assembly,  the opening of restaurants, mosques, closure of borders, etc. These measures can be alleviated or readopted depending on the sanitary situation. During this period it is necessary, for example, to wear a mask and maintain the physical distance necessary to halt the spread of the virus.

For containment/deconfinement, Morocco will continue to follow the distribution in zone 1 and 2 adopted on  June 25, 2020. (For more information on the distribution of cities by zones, please consult the following link.)

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.

Adoption of a special process for opening air and sea borders 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, presented a statement on the government communication issued yesterday by his ministry, in which the minister stressed that the issue is not related to the opening of the Kingdom’s air, land and sea borders, but only to an exceptional process aimed at:

1. Allowing access to the national territory, from Wednesday, July 15, 2020, to Moroccan citizens, regardless of their status (tourists, students or residents abroad …) as well as to foreigners residing in the Kingdom and who are abroad for any reason, along with their families.

They need though to meet the following conditions:

  • To have Moroccan nationality or a residence permit in Morocco for foreigners,
  • Provide a negative screening test (PCR) of at least 48 hours prior to boarding, as well as a serological test (serological tests),
  • Upon arrival, anyone who shows symptoms of coronavirus will have to undergo additional tests

2. Authorize the departure from the Kingdom, from Wednesday, July 15, 2020, for Moroccan citizens residing abroad who are stranded in the national territory and who wish to return to their country of residence and foreigners stranded in Morocco.

3. The categories included in this process consist also of new students admitted to foreign academic institutions who want to continue their studies, as well as businessmen, citizens who have to travel for medical reasons abroad, and foreigners who reside in Morocco, are required to obtain an authorisation from the competent authorities.

This process will be carried out via air transit points mainly via Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia flights, as well as via sea transit points through the scheduling of ships exclusively from the ports of “Sète” in France and “Genoa” in Italy.

For further information, please consult (in Arabic) the following link.

Additional preventive measures for Aid Al Adha

The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forestry have just unveiled an important security plan as part of the preparations for Eid Al Adha.

Thus, they are informing all the operators concerned of the necessary measures that must be taken to ensure adequate sanitary conditions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Under the current conditions of COVID-19, in addition to the usual measures for monitoring animal health and hygiene conditions, additional preventive measures must be observed in the context of COVID-19 throughout the chain from the sale of animals to the day of sacrifice,” says a joint statement from the two departments.

Actions have, according to the same source, will include:

  • The publication of a guide to COVID19 preventive sanitary measures to be respected on Aid Day, particularly by butchers.
  • Organisational measures to be introduced in livestock markets for Aid Al Adha,
    The installation of additional temporary souks for Aid Al Adha,
  • Reinforcement of control measures for the transport of animals intended for aid throughout the territory.
  • The extension of health measures to the economic trades that are developing around the Aid Al Adha event to preserve these jobs.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.

Reopening of the mosques from July 15 at noon, the mosques will remain closed for Friday prayers.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Habbous has decided to gradually reopen mosques all over the country for the five daily prayers, starting on Wednesday 15 July at noon, while taking into account the local epidemiological situation and the health conditions that will be monitored by the local committees at the mosques’ gates.

The same source said that the mosques will remain closed for Friday prayers. This decision will be announced at a later date.

The Ministry said that “in view of the legitimate interest of not harming others, anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of the COVID-19 should not go to the mosque”.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Habbous stressed that mosque devotees must ensure that preventive measures are implemented, in particular :

  • Putting on masks and observing a distance in the row of one and a half meters until the conditions for consolidation of the rows are met.
  • Avoiding gathering inside the mosque, before and after prayer,
  • Avoiding handshakes and clutter, especially before and after prayer.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Habbous stressed the need to sterilize hands with a solution (available at the door of the mosque), measure the temperature (by an official), ensure the use of individual carpets while keeping ablution areas and washrooms closed.

For more information, please consult (in Arabic) the following link.