07 – 09 April, 2021

National curfew from 8pm to 6am during Ramadan

The government has decided to introduce a national night-time curfew during the entire month of Ramadan, with the exception of special cases. Thus, all travel will be prohibited between 8pm and 6am during the holy month.

According to a press release, the government has decided, from the first day of Ramadan, to introduce the following restrictions

  • A ban on night-time travel throughout the country from 8pm to 6am, except in special cases.
  • Maintaining the various precautionary measures previously announced.

The communiqué explains that this decision comes “following the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee insisting on the need to continue the necessary measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, especially with the emergence of new strains in our country, and as part of the strengthening of preventive measures taken to preserve the health of citizens, and taking into account the large mobility usual in the month of Ramadan.

The government also welcomed the spirit of responsibility and the strong commitment of citizens to adhere to the various precautionary measures that have been taken since the declaration of the state of health emergency in the kingdom. It calls on everyone to continue the efforts made and to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken and to respect the established measures, in order to consolidate the important achievements of Morocco in the face of this pandemic.

For more information, please consult (in French) the following link.